Thursday, September 14, 2017

Ep. 293: Disappeared into Dust

Sharks are circling this week, parrotheadsaahhhhhDAMMIT! I mean, Welcome back, Pool Partyers! After a grueling ghoul summer, your darling hosts, Parker and Frisbie, have both done some traveling, with surprising results.

Parker took a cruise along the California coast all the way to Mexico where he met Viagra Man and baby jungle cats, with surprising results.

Did he take to the cruise ship lifestyle or did he absolutely hate it? Or did he strike the difference and become a Jimmy Buffett fan?

The results may surprise you.

Meanwhile, Frisbie made a trip to Nashville to see a Bruce Lee tribute film that featured Popeye, Dracula, and the human embodiment of The Godfather film franchise.

Will Frisbie once again make the five-hour drive to one of Music City’s art house cinemas to see another rare film?

The results may surprise you.

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Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Ep. 292: The Juice

We're back, mother Fers!

Well, not Frisbie. But Parker is joined by one of his oldest, best friends, Jess from Dayton Can Comedy.

Jess gives her New Laws, asserts that her dog is God's Chosen Dog Breed and literally talks about funny stuff. We also talk A LOT about journalism.

Parker tells the story about how he met a tiger. We do a new segment called "All of Our Friends Are Dead" and is Jess the funniest person in Southwest Kettering? Maybe.

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Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Ep. 291: Imaginary Back in Time France

Let’s start running the numbers, because it’s a brand new episode of Pool Party Radio! This week, we’re joined by Sara from Illogical Contraption! We talk about recent events, a Good, Bad, and Ugly of cast additions to TV shows with P L E N T Y of Hot Takes, and a very revealing Wayne's Podcast Town News. Tune in and buckle up!

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Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Ep. 290: Ghoul Summer: A Flat Circle

Hey, Ghouls! We're back!

For Ghoul Summer, we're doing another audio commentary for a Bill Zebub movie. This time, we're doing "Rape is a Circle." Is it gross? Maybe. Is there a twist ending? We won't spoil anything, but this episode contains the greatest twist of all!

We also talk about Dunkirk and Frisbie has a ghoulish encounter of his own. And we're joined by an old friend!

All this and an email about Baby Driver, a stupid fucking movie!

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Also, go buy a brand new 2017 Ghoul Summer T-shirt from Hide the Bodies!

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Ep. 289: The White Russian

Check for Lomers, because we're back, and we brought Blake Mike-Sell with us!

This week, we discuss pinball, Simpsons Shitposts, and old-roommate stories. We also do a Good, Bad, and the Ugly of booze! It's a doozy!

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Monday, July 3, 2017

Ep. 288: Rambo Love Battle Jacket

Shelby from IllCon is here!

We talk about July 4, fireworks, Rambo (does he love battle jacket?), we rate some dads, RIP dads, Shelby and Frisbie discuss Twin Peaks, why is Ethan Suplee not fat?, Wayne's Podcast Town News, Chili Dog Summer, a prelude to Ghoul Summer, going to Denver and so goddamn much more.

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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Ep. 287: No More Baths Revisited

This week’s PPR is from the archives as we pay tribute to our friend Jenny Mac.

The episode, Ep. 26: No More Baths, was recorded in 2011 when we still did bumpers and were nervous youngbloods, so it was nice to have Jenny Mac and our other best pal, Jono, as guests.

Below is the original synopsis from the episode:

This week, we're joined by friends Jono and Jenny Mac to celebrate our six-month anniversary! We're forgetting all about our normal format this week (mostly) so we can discuss our Kryptonite, a horrible former roommate and friend we've had. We discuss this man's lack of showers and over-abundance of computer chords and general butt-holiness.

We also do a round of "Frisbie Got Mail," announce some exciting show news and play a little "Would You Rather..."

This is a fun one, check it out.

Donloyd Here if you've ever done dishes, even once.

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