Monday, August 3, 2015

Ep. 220: Frisbie's World Tour

Parker and Frisbie celebrate a reunion! Frisbie tells tales of his Podcast Bro World Tour. How scary was Katie Rots' ghost-infested house? How would Parker have dealt with the fear? How drunk was Katie's podcast dog? Frisbie also tells a story about reliving "The Warriors," but did anyone come out and play-yay? Prepare for fun as Frisbie recounts his Action Burger experience. Did he win a T-shirt? Did he have too many shots? Did he beat anyone in Street Fighter 2?

We also talk about Roddy Piper's death and Hulk Hogan's racism. And we review the first few episodes of the Scream TV show. Is it cool? How similar is it to Twin Peaks?

These answers, surprises from old friends and more.

Donloyd Here if it's happy hour.

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