Thursday, January 8, 2015

Ep. 193: The Chicago Candymans

Parker and Cumulus 2015! Cumulus took a trip to Ohio and enjoyed the fruits of his homeland. It's the year of Ska! We celebrate the 4th wave of Ska and honor its patron saint, Sami Zayn. We talk a bit about wrestling and all that.

Cumulus refuses a young lady's "request," and we discuss the differences between Ska fans and Nine Inch Nails fans. And how long into a relationship should you wait before popping the Big Question. No, not that one. Parker tells a story about the time his boner ceased to exist. We beg for fuck style advice and any bizarre fuckstyle stories. We also get an email from a new member of the "Cincinnati Chili is Dope" Squad.

We also read the Top 10 Tips for Turning Women on, written by a new-age time traveller from the '50s.

Music: "Jamaican Ska" by Annette Funicello.

Donloyd Here and then walk backward through the bushes.

Email us at poolpartyradio at with your fuckstyle stories or to tell us what your favorite ska song is.

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