Monday, August 31, 2015

Ep. 224: An F-5!

We're back! We have a cool new theme song thanks to Cory from Illogical Contraption! Listen to his podcast.

We do a round of the MVPP and the MVPP. We celebrate some newly found best friends from the Podcast Town facebook group you should join. We get upset about indie horror movies making fake social media accounts to hype their dumb movies. And Frisbie gets super heated about the movie "The Gift."

We do a Lightning Round. Not that kind. A Lightning Round of reviewing the dozens of dogs that have been posted in Podcast Town. Old dogs. Hairless dogs. Smart dogs. We got enough dogs to choke a camel.

Also, we tell some tales about Parker's worst roommate and some less bad roommates who did some wacky shit. Are F-5s possible in real life? Find out!

Donloyd Here and then pretend like nothing ever happened.

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