Monday, December 15, 2014

Ep. 190: It's Satire

We're back!

We address last week's controversial episode. We explain why that episode ended a friendship. We also address a recent controversy surrounding the vegan strip club story from the Lightning Round a couple weeks ago. We wonder what makes something satire vs. it being a lie. Frisbie went to Tulsa. Was his DNA inferior? Parker is sick and gets a smelly asshole bear.

We read some emails. The new WWE game can suck it. The internet ruins being bloody with someone. Parker hates Cards Against Humanity. What boardgames do cool people play? We also get an email detailing the toughest possible ways to celebrate Cranksgiving.

All this and so much more! (Also: no claps)

Donloyd Here if you like making jokes about midget cum.

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