Monday, July 13, 2015

Ep. 218: Fifty million, dude!

The summer heat is at its peak which means three things: Ghoul Summer, vacations, and getting heated (both physically AND emotionally)! Parker has some awkward experiences on Twitter that got him heated, even experiencing some terse Internet blowback from Illogical Contraption’s own Cory. Will Cory join the show to explain himself and his Internet bullying?
Also, Cumulus shares his recent observations about how much he dislikes some tweets. Give him a retweet if you agree.

Then the guys discuss their upcoming vacations which includes tangents into comic books, Penn & Teller, long-forgotten Penn & Teller movies, and what may be the worst or best closet-turned-restaurant in all of the Big Apple: Action Burger.
It’s a doozy, Suzy, so get your trunks on, because Pool Party is now in session! Or something!

Music: "Batman - Stage 1" by The Advantage

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