Sunday, August 24, 2014

Ep. 174: Snake Roberts III

Ol’ Cumulus Frisbie is back from the Strip and he’s pissed! Parker tries to cool his jets, but then the creepy studio audience chimes in with their usual creepy admirations of Frisbie, which leads Frisbie to recall how the audience duped him in Gaza. And then Frisbie gives a full report on what he did on his summer vacation.

They also revisit the long-lost Lightning Round, with stories dealing with hating generosity, arresting a student for writing, and learning about the most bad-ass snake to have ever sought revenge. The last story gets the duo questioning how they may name their children after said snake and whether they should become vegan in the snake’s honor. It’s a pretty dope story, you guys.

Plus, iTunes reviews! Keep ‘em comin’ so that Parker may do the same!

Music: “A New England” live cover by Kepi Ghoulie w/Dog Party & Ian Fowles

Donloyd Here if Jake the Snake Roberts ruined your wedding…again.

Send emails to poolpartyradio @ and leave us iTunes ratings and reviews, because we like to read all that stuff. It makes us feel good and we like you, okay? There; We said it.


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