Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Ep. 199: Dream Draft Podcast

Parker and Frisbie are back?! Most excellent!!

This week, Junk Food Dinner co-host and all around jet-setting sweet bro, Sean Byron, takes time out of his busy VHS-hoarding schedule to relish the excitement of this pre-coming 200th episode. Among the festivities, they share their fickle fantasy draft picks for their ultimate podcasts. It’s like The League, but with more comedians. They also recount their Disneyland and Mardi Gras parade filled hiatuses over the previous weeks. It’s like VH1’s Best Week Ever, but with less comedians (namely Paul F. Thompkins).

So get crackin’! It’s a dippity-DOOZEY!

Donloyd Here if Space Mountain re-terrified you.

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