Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Ep. 184: Weak Ass DNA

We're getting over our candy corn hangovers and we're back! This week, we talk about ethics in gaming journalism and, despite the fact that we haven't been paying attention to it, discuss GamerGate a little, since it's the most important thing in human society, ever. Then we talk about the thing people care least about: teachers can't stop fucking kids and how Twilight made it ok to fantasize about 16 year olds with dope abs. Then we discuss Frisbie's aborted mission to Oklahoma. He couldn't handle the trip due to his inferior genetic makeup. We discuss the difference between polite racism and racism that shouldn't be discussed at the dinner table.

Then Parker talks about the GWAR art show he went to and the part of LA that reminds him of home, how lonely he feels while record shopping and some other stuff, like which Pasadena diner tried to kill him. Also, we get real nerdy about Ultron and we express some controversial opinions about Aliens and Predators.

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