Monday, September 22, 2014

Ep. 178: Wes Craven Q&A

It’s an extended episode this week with Parker and Jason, so dig in like it's a beautiful/disgusting Reuben sandwich.

Jason gets embarrassed in the presence of Oliver Stone, but it's not because he's starstruck. Parker takes another Beer Taste Test and you know what? It’s alright.

Also, Parker checks out the new Kevin Smith movie, Tusk, and gives his review as does Virtual Marc Freado. Everyone comes to the realization that Kevin Smith doesn’t know how podcasts work.

They then dig into some listener emails to explore the topics of foodstuffs, 4Loko, and wrasslin' video games of the not-too-distant future.

They also get to some Lightning Rounds, including stories that reveal the most extreme states (for better and worse) and what to do with the oldest Nazi.

Music: "Explode" by Big Freedia

Donloyd Here if you ever received bad news during fellatio.

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