Monday, April 20, 2015

Ep. 207: Big Muscles, Hard Muscles

We have no guest this week because Katie Rots died. So, we discuss the physical health of some of our podcat bros and discuss why we have more muscles than them. Then, our new segment (teaser): Vape to Vape Chat. Parker got a box of vape stuff from Craft Vapery (, but no actual vaping occurs. Why? Find out by listening! (effective tease).

We also have a round of Dog Chat, where we discuss the smartest, most Russian dog we've ever seen. I think some other stuff happens, but I'm not sure.

Send your dog pics to poolpartyradio at Or send us your vape tips.

Music: "We Sleep," by The Capitalist Kids

Donloyd Here if you want to discuss "War and Peace."

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