Monday, May 25, 2015

Ep. 212: Webcam Nuts

Bust out your webcams because we’re showing it all this week, with special guest Katie Rots of the Rotten Rantings podcast!

After the usual muscle chat, we get some much-needed apologies out of the way which also include muscles and false directions. Then we tackle the big issues with a Good, Bad, and the Ugly of Colors. Who will pick blue as their favorite? Is Prince involved in any way? Will anyone pick Blood Orange?

They also discuss Highlighter Art, Butt Art, and the best ways to cool/heat butt cheeks. I’ll be honest with you: We talk about butts a great deal, so hang on to your butts.

Other topics include the production stalemate of Pillowman, Virtual reality living/eating, sexy-ladies-on-the-screen privileges, and the terrifying real reality of raining spiders.

Music: "May 16" by Lagwagon

Donloyd Here if you're down with butt art.

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