Monday, November 10, 2014

Ep. 185: YOLO!

This week, we're joined by Chris YOLO. You may know his cousin, Chris Robo, from the Rotten Rantings podcast. This isn't him, though, this is YOLO. We talk about concerts we're going to or have been to. Cumulus is seeing mc chris. Parker saw GWAR. Parker had to wade through a sea of human urine in San Francisco to it, though.

We get some emails that add fuel to the Alien vs. Predator fire. YOLO doesn't care because they're both old movies that are "trash." YOLO loves Taylor Swift and he's very PC.

We play a new game called "The Party or All Wet," where we ponder about whether things are a party or all wet. Probably some other stuff happens, too.

Music: Stripper Christmas Summer Weekend by GWAR

Donloyd Here if you only live once.

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