Monday, October 13, 2014

Ep. 181: Hare Krishna Zed

We're back! We read some emails and discover that a podcat bro of ours is super heated about a band that Parker unashamedly loves. He's also heated about sandwiches and Parker becomes uneasy about his future LA trip. We also get to the bottom of who REALLY killed Owen Hart.

We do a Good, the Bad and The Ugly about zombies, too. Which zombies are chill bros and which are rapey dickheads? We'll set the record straight!

We're also joined by this Japanese guy, Hiro Matsuda.

Music: Mouth Sounds

Donloyd Here if you killed Owen Hart.

Leave us some iTunes ratings or just tell a friend to like the show. That's the kind of shit that makes doing a podcat worthwhile. And the money, of course.

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