Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Ep. 308: Saved by the Bell Reboot

We're back, pool partiers! It's a bitter-sweet reunion, though, as we're here to review the new Saved by the Bell reboot mere days after the death of Dustin Diamond. Luckily, we recorded this before the news, so this episode will transport you back to a care-free time when two guys could speculate on a Screech cameo in season 2.

Aside from that, we (spoiler alert) gush about how good the show is! We decide not to be mean boys and are instead very nice men. We catch up not only with our friends Slater, Zack, Jessie and Kelly, but with our other friends -- each other!

It's a classic show and it's exactly what the world needs now.

Donloyd Here if you love magic.

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