Friday, February 21, 2014

Ep. 147: Deep Cut Creeps

This week, we're joined by Jeremy from Acid Pop Cult to discuss a recent internet fight stemming from Parker's lack of understanding sarcasm. We also address our beef with Shelby and Cory from IllCon and break the silence about our lack of journalistic integrity.

Then Josh from Mentertainment Weekly shows up mysteriously and gets a little mentoring from the old kids about how to put out a podcast properly. We get some cool emails from some cool Europeans and some cool Matthew Sweetman. We talk a little tiny bit of wrestling and then Josh and Jeremy get real drunk. In the Lightning Round, Frisbie is disgusted by Parker and Jeremy's brand of Ustreet justice. Frisbie then admits that when it comes to vandalism, he ain't got the answers. HOW FRISBIE? Also, a Utah mom protects her son from the dangers of boobies and some other stuff happens. Enjoy!

Donloyd Here if you're an adult man.

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