Friday, February 14, 2014

Ep. 146: Fleshlight Canyon

It's just us this week. We take wrestling super seriously again this week, as Parker goes to see an actual live wrestling event and tells the tale. The heartache, rejection and time travel. We also discuss the actors we hate the most right now and Parker talks about his defense mechanisms. In other joyous news, Mike cancels the Kissing Contest "Punch Parker" contest! Hooray!

In the new Jason-picks-it Lightning Round, we discuss the return of Crystal Pepsi. We also get a bunch of emails. Sweetman inadvertently gives us nightmares, a shocking upcoming possible guest emerges and Shelly Coolbros writes in to clear the air and squash the beef.

Music: "Where do I go from Here?" by Paul Williams

Donloyd Here if blood squirts out of your eye when you're scared.

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  1. i tried to message praker on rumbler. i don't know if i did it right. i pushed the ask button and sent it. i don't know if i got a reply or not. i don't think so. i don't know where to find king of the suburbs at on there. i don't know anything.

    1. I (Parker) got your message and responded. You didn't get it? Did you find Frisbie's page? Tumblr is very confusing. If you send us an email at, I'll give you Frisbieman's tumblr url.