Thursday, February 27, 2014

Ep. 148: Elimination Chamber

Get in your weird sci-fi pod listeners, because we’re talking about the WWE’s Elimination Chamber this week, with special guest Chris Arneson!

We review the Elimination Chamber pay-per-view and discuss our disappointments as well as the one good match. Chris informs us of the WWE Network’s soon-to-air reality show, and we consider what we would do if a stadium full of disenchanted fans disappointedly chanted our name with “Booo” in the front, like a mob of Hans Molemans.

We also get into a Lightning Round about why beta-testers of Google Glass probably deserve to be treated like the obnoxious 1980s-film nerds they are, as well as what exactly makes a punk bar "punk" (hint: marketing and Media hyping).

Donloyd Here if you grunt "YEAYEAYEAH" when you're wrestling.

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