Monday, July 29, 2013

Ep. 118: God Bless America Sucks

Parker returns from Vegas this week. Did he "lose wages" as Frisbie would say? Find out! Also, we're joined by Shelby Cobras from Illogical Contraption Radio and his offspring, Calvin Cobras! We talk a bit about vacations, Bigfeetsman and how shitty the movie "God Bless America" is. And this enrages Frisbie.

Then, we do a Good, the Bad and the Ugly with stuff from our childhoods. We discuss the video games and tv shows that shaped our lives, getting up early, one historic game of "Bases Loaded 3," and being called a fag while you poop.

Muhammad and the Creepy NSA Guy show up, I think. And Calvin makes a statement that will rock the podcast community forever.

Music: "Rock n Roll Shark" by Kepi Ghoulie

Note: Sometimes Shelby and Calvin sound really quiet. We apologize. It was probably Muhammad's fault.

Donloyd Here if your X-Box doesn't work.

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