Friday, July 20, 2012

Ep. 67: The Ketamine Salesman

It’s a Parker-less episode of Pool Party Radio this week as Frisbie joins forces with the one and only Jon Holmes! Jason takes his new sense of power into overblown proportions and Jon talks his blazing through to Round Two of The Funniest Person in Cincinnati competition at Go Bananas! Comedy Club. If you're in Cinci, you can see his set and vote for him on July 25th!

The gang also discusses the now dull topic of ethical stand-up comedy and get down and dirty Lightning Round. News stories included are a former porn-star gets the blood rushing, a lady in Australia fakes bowl cancer to avoid charges of being a jerk, an employee of Facebook thinks she’s better than a yoga instructor, and a Facebook user gets ‘To-Catch-a-Predator’-ed.

Also, this episode is in glorious stereo sound, which was purely an accident on Jason’s part. Apologies for the weird sound.

Music: “The Good Times Are Killing Me” by Modest Mouse

Download here unless some fake-illness is fake-getting-in-the-way.

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