Friday, July 27, 2012

Ep 68: Man Vs. Food

Parker returns from New Vegas on this week’s Pool Party, and he brings tales of comic book stores, sunburns, and slurping up crayfish and bacon. Jason is at risk again of gaining more nicknames than necessary, and is thrown into the position of judge of another round of Hypocrisy Court. Will Parker win the ruling or will Jason favor for the accused? Or will Jason try to dodge the issue entirely?

And Spoiler Alert!!! Parker saw Batman: Dark Knight Rises and revealed how a medical miracle ruins the movie. He resolves to use his bankrolled Multiple-Viewings-of-Dark-Knight-Rises money to seeing The Avengers another couple dozen times.

The Lightning Round shows us that out of tragedy arises the IRL Penguin, gross chicken sandwiches and felt puppets somehow dictate politics for the gay community, Toyota needs to go back to goofy sounding car names rather than vaguely racist ones, and nerd core rapper, MC Chris, proves the rule that sometimes nerds are unlikable because they can be awful, unlikable people.

Next week, Saved By the Bell Season 2 with special guest, Mary!

Music: “Take Yourself Out Tha Game” by Buckwheat Groats

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