Friday, July 13, 2012

Ep. 66(6): The Ron Identity

This week, friend of the show, sic hop artist, Burger King bather, all around good dude, Mr. Unstable joins us! We introduce a gritty new segment called "Judge Frisbie's Hypocrisy Court." The verdict? Guilty... of being hilarious! We also read some mail and talk more shit about The Beatles.

We also have the very first Pool Party Radio Battle Rap Championship of the World as our intern, Robo John Brown, goes up against Mr. Unstable in his very first battle rap ever. Leave us some facebook comments or emails at to let us know who won!

Also, we got a Lightning Round where a famous chubby pornstar becomes a spy, dentists go extinct, a guy who's really mad that the Spurs lost in the playoffs, and the queen of some unknown porn genre dies. All this and a slight amount more!!

Music: "Horror Flicks" by Mr. Unstable and "Rape" by The Frogs

Download Here if you wanna hold our hands.

Be excellent to each other!

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