Saturday, April 28, 2012

Ep. 55: The Rise of Cobra

The podcast Cold War between Pool Party Radio and Illogical Contraption reaches those previously mentioned sickening heights as the gang drops an atomic bomb, and Frisbie's nicknames are over 9000!

Parker's rage meter is off the charts this week as he questions the need for people to bring babies to horror films. Meanwhile, Frisbie completely ignores Record Store instead watch Empire Records. And later, a Salt-n-Peppa inspired thought-experiment occurs as the guys imagine a life without knowing a thing about sex.

The lightning round gets weird with black boxes for cars, the most expensive cigarettes ever, and the only college class you'll ever need.

All this, plus Frisbie Got Mail, with another new and high-octane intro song by America's favorite musician. We're coming for you Shelby...we're COMING FOR YOU!

Music: "I Get Wet" - Andrew WK

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