Friday, May 4, 2012

Ep. 56: Lady and the Douche

Pool Party is graced by the hosts of the upcoming Lady and the Douche podcastL Jeremy L Morrison and Faith Von Awesome! Be sure to check out Jeremy's other awesome podcast, AcidPopCult

Parker sheds light on his hermit ways (hint: it's mountain lions), Jason feels like he's the only one not watching Randy Jackson's America's Best Dance Crew (hint: he isn't), Jeremy is one fun-fact away from pulling a Scanners on Jason (hint: it's a Breakin' 2/Nightmare on Elm Street connection), and Faith lays it out why Ohio is the best place for a movie-going experience (hint: Ohio still has plenty of drive-ins).

Also, Tyler Perry's studio blaze, Octomom sexploits, and how watching Glee can ruin your education. All this, plus Frisbie's Put Your Fingers in the Air So He Can See Where You At (formerly "Frisbie Got Mail"), and the promise of an end to the Podcast Cold War, by way of a very unfortunate nickname for Frisbie.

Music: "Little Fingers" - Apocalypse Hoboken

Download this for protection tips against mountain lions.

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