Friday, September 16, 2011

Ep. 24: Bizarro World

Frisbie takes this week off (probably because he's busy having threesomes), leaving Parker all alone. All alone with guest-host Jon Holmes, that is! New eye-wear has changed Parker's life and Jon hates unfunny old people. He also passes judgement on Parker after hearing a dentist story.

We're then joined by ol' buddy GeeGee to talk about him being the 439th best wrestler in the world, Chyna and backyard wrestling. We then discuss which wrestlers we would and would not want to be stuck in the "Real World" house with.

The Lightning Round is full of stalkers, fatties, Orwellian futures and rich people. Oh! And we have another instalment of everyone's newest, favorite segment: Frisbie Got Mail!

Music: “Let’s Go Bucks” by Legbone, “G” by Reggie & the Full Effect

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