Thursday, September 8, 2011

Ep. 23: Life, the Universe and Everything

This week we're joined by sic-hop artist, Mr. Unstable, to talk about his rap career, getting ripped off by mean girls, getting hate mail and the time he because internationally infamous for taking a bath in a Burger King sink. We also premier his newest song, "Hybrid!"

Then we hit the Lightning Round to discuss a Florida pastor's desire to eradicate the atheists, Katt Williams' un-apology, Kevin Smith's fight with the Westboro Baptist Church over his really bad movie and one boy who died with a smile on his face.

We also have another round of Frisbie Got Mail and play a new game called "Funny or Evil." Oh, and we try to help Frisbie get into a threesome!

Music: “Hybrid” by Mr. Unstable, “Fishfuck” by GWAR

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