Monday, March 13, 2017

Ep. 280: The Deported Leprechaun

We're back!

On this one, we talk about how Katherine Heigl is foxier than pretending to be disabled is evil and how "The Ringer" tricked Parker and hurt his feelings because he has a soft spot for those kinds of dudes. We also get some emails and talk about some cool and interesting sandwiches from around the world. A leprechaun leaves us a message in a bottle to let us know about how horrible his life is thanks to Trump's America.

We also talk about about bumper stickers and a particularly funny license plate that specifically refers to Gary from the Midnight Society.

Wayne brings the Podcast Town News and talks about how everyone's food sucks and some other stuff. And this week's Odd Tism features a fight between Parker and his Wife so stupid that it's ... Odd Tistic.

All this and more!

Donloyd Here if you sing Death From Above 1979 songs when your food arrives.

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