Monday, September 28, 2015

Ep. 228: Strong Politics

Frisbie is using up some of his vacation time, so Parker is joined by Chris Robo and Katie Rots of Rotten Rantings. Scratch that. Chris Robo and Katie Rots of the brand new Casual Encounters podcast.

We talk a bit about their new podcast. Parker doesn't think Craiglist is real. But, is it? Are the casual encounters just murder traps? We also do a Good, the Bad, the Ugly about websites. Well, Parker does. No one else did. We recall a time on the internet when it was OK to make fun of people and talk some shit about message board fans of Rick & Morty.

Then Robo and Katie do an MVPP and MVPP. We salute American heroes and shame American dickheads. And then Katie gets into some super #StrongPolitics that Parker and Robo don't agree with.

All this and more! Also, check out next week's last episode ever of Rotten Rantings, with Parker as the guest!

Donloyd Here to officially own Pool Party.

It's not too late to buy a Ghoul Summer shirt or join Podcast Town for more #StrongPolitics!

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