Friday, November 8, 2013

Ep. 133: Are You Afraid of the Dark? 2

It's still Halloween at the Pool Party Radio offices! As such, Mark (founder of Kissing Contest and Junk Food Dinner) is back to ask us if we're afraid of the dark.

We'll be discussing all 13 episodes of season 2 of "Are You Afraid of the Dark," our favorite SNICK show. We get a rant from Bobcat Goldthwait about how terrible SNICK shows are, we find out what's tight, Clarissa mansplains things to us, lizard men hate cassette tapes, the return of Dr. Vink and so much more!

We also talk a little bit about our Los Angeles trip and donuts and stuff.

Music: "Fun in the Dark" by the Groovie Ghoulies

Donloyd Here if you're excited for Christmas.

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