Friday, January 18, 2013

Ep. 93: She's from Missouri

Hey, funny story, guys: We're back mostly alive this week to do our beginning of the year Dead Pool with very special guests Katie ROTS and Chris Robo of Rotten Rantings podcast! The gang wagers over five different picks this year, and things get personal towards the end.
Also, dear listeners, there WILL be a prize this year for the PPR Dead Pool winner, so if you think you could win, send us and email at with your five picks, and we'll consider you as part of the Dead Pool! It's just that easy/morbid! The prize may rule, but it may also suck. We can't promise you quality on this one. We're not a couple of Scrooge McDucks over here.

The gang also gets into a Lightning Round, filled with breathalyzers to prevent drunk dancing, nerdy letters to prevent dumb, Star Wars influenced petitions, taxes for violent video games, and club shootings over the miracle of childbirth. It gets pretty weird, folks.

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