Friday, January 25, 2013

Ep. 94: Beautiful Legs

This week, we're joined by Greg from Hide the Bodies. HTB is a printing press that is currently selling Junk Food Dinner T-Shirts, so we spend some time making a very intelligent and passionately case for why every one should buy one of those shirts. You can do so by clicking Here, by the way.

Also, we do a Good, the Bad, the Ugly with movie sequels! Well, just movie sequels coming out in 2013, I guess. Parker also tells a heart-wrenching story of promoting autism awareness.

In the Lightning Round, we make fun of a country that still has sorcerers, we express concerns about our dicks not being private enough, Japan is harshing our mellow, LEGOs are racist now, Lupe Fiasco gets kicked out of a party for insulting the host and a bunch more stuff.

Music: "Release Me" by Clifton Chenier

Donloyd Here if you're an alien that's just brown.

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  1. Re: Star Trek aliens: The Next Generation had an episode where they talked about some ancient alien race seeding all life in the universe--I believe this was Star Trek's way of explaining why all the aliens species in their universe are humanoid type creatures. Speaking of seeding life--did either of you see that movie Mission to Mars? I can accept the seeding in Star Trek but not that movie. Double standard. Also, spoiler, I guess.

    Like you said, Futurama is a GREAT show with regards to alien races. They had water aliens, cloud aliens, cockroach morphing aliens, and Zoidberg. Every show needs an alien like Zoidberg.

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