Friday, September 7, 2012

Ep. 75: Live Studio Audience

Don't call it a come back as we welcome past guest and host of Acid Pop Cult and Lady and the Douche, Jeremy Morrison! He joins Parker and "Razorbabes" Frisbabe in another round of coming clean with Pool Party Confessions. Shocking announcements include: Parker gets weepy eyed at the cruelty of YouTube, Jason sees one special girl each time he closes his eyes, and Jeremy reveals his deepest, softest fear. Will they confess too much? Will they confess too hot? Or will their confessions be juuuuuuust riiiiiiiiight?

Parker brings the juiciest podcast scoops in a new segment that would put TMZ to shame! We also have a Lightning Round filled with the worst lawyer in the world, WoW getting cut-off in Iran, and some serious Jersey Shore business.

Music: “Confessions II (Instrumental)” by Usher; “Welcome to my World” by Nerf Herder

Download now, or we'll deal with you nerds later!

How about a 5-Star iTunes rating, eh?? And check out Badland Girls and their "Ultimate Parker Project and check out that Awfulflix, too!

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