Saturday, December 10, 2011

Ep. 36: There's a Difference

We're joined by Mark from Junk Food Dinner this week! We're also joined by Parker's shitty microphone. We immerse ourselves in lolcats, plankers, Chuck Norris, Rick Astley and the rest of the internet crew as we play the Good, the Bad & the Ugly with memes. It's Parker's birthday this week, so we discuss re-living your life with all your current knowledge and wisdom and decide we'd rather tape old tv shows than stop 9/11. And Frisbie gets mail.

Then the Lightning Round: Russia says we'll be attacked by spaceships, Parker defends a man that feeds a cat to a snake (and then changes his mind (at the very end)) and Alec Baldwin NEEDS to play Words with Friends.

It's Time... to download this Mp3!

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