Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Ep. 260: Ghoul Summer '16: Part 2.

Hey, Partiers! Frisbie is on vacation this week, so Wife fills in for the fun! We had originally planned to watch a Bill Zebub movie for Ghoul Summer, but we don't hate ourselves. Instead, we watched Nicholas Winding Refn's new ghoul movie "Neon Demon" because we only dislike ourselves. In this movie, we learn that the fashion industry exploits young women. Because we did not know that from watching the E! Channel in 1993. We'll let you know in the show when the spoilers start, but they end at the 34 minute mark. Which is coincidentally when the Wayne's Podcast News begins! Wayne speaks truth to power. Can you handle it?

Then, Parker tells the story of a real-life murder he did. And then everyone tells stories about times they peed themselves. This one gets real emotional, people!

Donloyd Here for unsubtle symbolism, maaaaan!

The Junk Food Dinner Ghoul Summer t-shirts are available and shipping now! And PPR shirts are still up there, too! Buy some so we don't die!

Also, be sure to check out Frisbie and Patrick from Banshee Jams' new podcast: The Blind Podsmen!

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