Sunday, December 20, 2015

Ep. 238: Clausplayer

We’re back and we’ve brought our non-holiday affiliated “Yule log” with us, because irony or something! This week, special guest Sammy of the Howl Horror Program and Back to Life Podcast joins us! We learn Sammy’s laws, which include a mandatory Creed adventure for all citizens upon graduating high school, as well as some education reform to ensure that people know how to not mess up their home lives.

Then we get into some MVPP vs. MVPP: Holiday Edition! The gang talks good Santa Clausplayers, parents who are the REAL MVP(P)s this year, people who don’t give the run-around with gift giving, and then they rail on all those that not only get the Christmas spirit, but get hells of religious, too.

Plus, there’s a dog review featuring one of the most depressed Santa Clausplayers around!

Donloyd Here if you think Johnny Cakes are the food of the future.

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