Monday, November 9, 2015

Ep. 233: Eat the Butt

We're back! Frisbie tells the tale of going to a New Orleans Halloween party full of Steampunk nerds and hot goth chicks. Parker tells the tale of his wife's weird reading material. Then we both get heated about instagram and how thirsty dudes have nothing better than to earnestly offer to eat the butt.

Then, being completionists, we finish Are You Afraid of the Dark season 3, despite Halloween being long over. Well, most of us. Parker forgot one episode like a dummy.

An email from an old friend is read, we impromtuly TV Hostage each other and we're curious who'd win in a fight between two fellow Podcasters.

All this and so much more!

Donloyd Here if you're the jerk, you nerd.

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