Friday, October 25, 2013

Ep. 131: Nekromantik

Things continue to be spoopy and creppy this week as Jeremy from Acid Pop Cult shows up! First, the Halloween ghouls emerge in the form of all these emails we got. We learn about the dangers of smoking through your anus, we get a communication from the future, and someone thinks that watching the "Saw" movies isn't manly enough! Also, Producer Redban is back and seemingly wins Frisbie over.

After that, we have a segment where we each pretend we've been given millions of dollars and the key to make a new horror movie from our favorite franchise. What movies will we pick? Will we do sequels or reboots? And how many of us will cast Jason Statham?

Remember! Next week, we're doing season 2 of "Are you Afraid of the Dark?" So listen to that! (That's when you say "Me?") Yes, you.

Music: "I Kissed a Ghoul" by Nekromantix

Donloyd Here if you admire people sticking up for little people.

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