Friday, October 18, 2013

Ep. 130: Wrong Body Snatchers

Get your camera phones ready for episode 130 of Pool Party Radio!

It’s Parker and Frisman this week as they’re again joined by Producer Brian Redband from the Joe Rogan Experience podcast. Brian Redband spouts some nonsense, and Parker laments suspending the previous producer.

A lot of tangents happen, including disturbing Google searches, a spoopy Halloween special featuring Double Dare’s Marc Summers in an abandoned house with a bunch of kids, and the worst movie theater in the world.

The Lightning Round is back again this week with stories about creppy Vine puke-video enthusiast Shia LaBeouf getting kicked in the nuts and Nickelodeon is going down the crapper. All this and more!

Music: "Emotion Road (Live)" by Gil Mantera's Party Dream

Donloyd here if you want to meet us at the Burbank Olive Garden.

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