Friday, December 28, 2012

Ep. 91: Saved by the Bell 3.5

We're tackling the last half of Season 3 of Saved by the Bell this week! Once again, we're joined by the charming Rhea Dee of the Badland Girls to discuss the darkest episodes in the lives of the Bayside kids yet.

Jesse gets violent with her right cross, Zack has a strict "no fat chicks" policy, the waiter at The Max is a constant reminder of impending failure, women wrestling, Johnny Dakota has no hope with dope, a sense of impending Doom, we learn what the "A.C." in "A.C. Slater" stands for, Screech gets one step closer to his inevitable porn video and a gross misuse of rap as an art form!

Music: Bayside's Gone Mad by the Bricktops

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Donloyd Here. It's Macho.

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