Friday, December 21, 2012

Ep. 90: Saved by the Bell 3

It's time for another Saved by the Bell explosion! We're chucking our normal show out the window so that we can watch all of season 3 of our favorite Saturday morning teen comedy and chat about it. Well, just the first half of the season, anyway, the last half will be here for you next week. Oh, and we're joined by the fabulous Rhea Dee, one half of the amazingly laudable Badland Girls!

Join us as we're shocked as hell about Kelly's statutory new boyfriend, Mr. Belding's late-night coffee meetings, Slater's sexual earthquakes, Zack's rip off of Spider-Man 3, Jesse's plastic earrings, Screech's conquering of Communism and the best pun in SbtB history!

Also, Producer Muhammad tells us an emotional story about a falling out he had with his best friend from High School.

Download Here if you're in a place where the oil can't hurt you.

We've been busy the last week or two. Remember to check out Frisbie on the new Illogical Contraption Radio and last week's Junk Food Dinner and Parker was on Rotten Rantings this week! Search for them all on iTunes or consult the links on our website's sidebar over there.

Also, ratings and reviews and facebook likes all count as great Cranksmas presents, dudes!

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