Friday, December 7, 2012

Ep. 88: Mechanical Heart

What’s cookin’, grease monkeys? It’s a hep PPR Classic episode from Vault 13, wherein a swingin’ Parker and Frisbie recap the glorious and nutty year that was 1952. Buckle up, cats and kittens!

(NOTE: This episode isn’t like our regular and current Pool Party recordings, so if you’re new to the show, check out one of our previous episodes on!)

Items from the year include artificial steam punk hearts, Cleveland’s pioneering gender-reassignment, robust U.S./Korean and Japan relations, and the promise of conquering all the space dust.

And because it’s 1952, the gents go over the written correspondence (not email, you see) from a time that sounds suspiciously current. Parker adds one more British person to his repertoire of exemplary English dudes, Frisbie displays his cultural knowledge of Brazil, and they both admit to having others purchase video games for them.

Download here if you plan to conquer space!

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