Friday, November 23, 2012

Ep. 86: Cranksgiving 2: High Voltage

It's Cranksgiving and we celebrate by talking about Chev Chelios and stuff like that. We hypothesize about what Injuns used to eat and stuff like that and Parker (re)tells his story(s) about the worst Thanksgiving(s) ever. Frisbie and Muhammad argue about English television, which turns into musings about censorship. And there's a discussion about Tony Harris, sexism in geek culture and how attractive cosplayers should be.

In the Lighting Round, San Francisco turns into a city of NeverNudes and the guy who sticks his hand up a small puppet's butt is sticking other stuff up other small places, too.

Music: "The Palestinians are Not the Same Thing as the Rebel Alliance" by Atom & His Package

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