Friday, March 23, 2012

Ep. 50: Milk and Cookies

We celebrate our 50th episode this week! And we do so by getting drunk! Someone gets jury duty, Parker doesn't know when to text, the podcast Cold War, The Walking Dead season finale sucked, LA looks to ban AM radio speech (so does Frisbie), libraries are the new megauploads, atheists clean up the streets (literally) and Frisbie gets mail!

Also, in the last half of the show, we talk about the most important albums for us from age 13-18. But, we're pretty drunk by this time, so it sounds like two old guys reminiscing at happy hour. Consider this segment for die-hard fans only.

All this and a new Sherlock Homophobia!

Music: "1995 MTV Movie Awards Best Song Medley" - The Ramones

Download this Mp3 or don't. We won't remember.

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