Thursday, November 23, 2017

Ep. 298: Cranksgiving VI

It's a Cranksgiving Miracle, Chelios!

Pool Party Radio is out for one last chunk of toughness before we head out into the oblivion. We talk tough stuff and flex our muscles, covering which part of America is toughest and the different fight outcomes of a Podcast Town Show Tag-Team Tilly Time Toughness roster. Plus there is obligatory, post-season Chili Dog Summer chat. We also have an email from "new" Matthew that may affect the last two installments of Podcast Town news.

It's all here, so check it out! Fuck you, Chelios!

Donloyd Here, Chelios!

Email us at poolpartyradio @, Like us on our FB page or find us in the FB group Podcast Town, and look for us on Twitter. These are the little things that make us tougher every day.


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