Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Ep. 287: No More Baths Revisited

This week’s PPR is from the archives as we pay tribute to our friend Jenny Mac.

The episode, Ep. 26: No More Baths, was recorded in 2011 when we still did bumpers and were nervous youngbloods, so it was nice to have Jenny Mac and our other best pal, Jono, as guests.

Below is the original synopsis from the episode:

This week, we're joined by friends Jono and Jenny Mac to celebrate our six-month anniversary! We're forgetting all about our normal format this week (mostly) so we can discuss our Kryptonite, a horrible former roommate and friend we've had. We discuss this man's lack of showers and over-abundance of computer chords and general butt-holiness.

We also do a round of "Frisbie Got Mail," announce some exciting show news and play a little "Would You Rather..."

This is a fun one, check it out.

Donloyd Here if you've ever done dishes, even once.

Email us at poolpartyradio @, find us on FB and Twitter. Be excellent to each other.


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