Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Ep. 222: Necessary Evil

Lock up your minions, because we're back! This week, Parker and a dash of Cumulus accidentally devote an entire episode to MVPP vs. MVPP. Needless to say, both dudes are pretty heated about some folks, and said folks are mostly on Twitter.
...And they're narcs.
...And they're awful.
And is John Henson rolling in his grave?
But despite all of the heated-ness toward the despicable MVPPs, who on earth could be the praise-worthy MVPPs?! You'll have to listen to find out!

Music: "Sidehackers" by Ghoul

Donloyd Here if you're a necessary evil.

Go to junkfooddinner.com and buy a Ghoul Summer shirt, while it's still summer, ya' ghoul!
And email us those dog pics or emails at poolpartyradio @ gmail.com


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