Monday, July 28, 2014

Ep. 170: Ghoul Summer

It's Ghoul Summer! And we have some very special guests! We're joined by Jordan and Bryan from Olympic Artichoke Radio. We're also joined by a live studio audience of staunch Frisbie supporters!

We start off by discussing Frisbie's old nicknames then it's straight into the Ghoul festivities! We discuss our favorite ghoulish, horrifying episodes of otherwise cute and normal tv shows. Like the time a tv mom got assaulted, the time America's sweetheart was abused and a plumber that shook us to our core. Then, we discuss how we'd torture people if we had the chance. Everyone goes with funny, pop culture-based tortures except Parker, who has obviously thought about torture for a very long time.

Music: "Americanized" by Ghoul

Donloyd Here if they used to call you ol' Cumulus Frisbie.

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