Thursday, January 2, 2014

PPR Reruns: A Frisbie's Right to Choose

Disclaimer: Due to Holiday shenanigans and (mostly) because Parker is super sick, we're taking the week off. But! We're re-running this classic episode, "A Frisbie's Right to Chose," for your listening pleasure (and because it's so old it was about to be taken off the iTunes feed.)

If you're still itching for us, you can find Parker on episode 50 of Rotten Rantings. Parker got to pick three movies for every one to review in a celebration of trash cinema. Also, Frisbie was on the "Frisbe Dikk" episode of Illogical Contraption from Nov. 25. You can also listen to as many Junk Food Dinner or Pod Awful Channel episodes as you want. (Hopefully all of them.)

See you guys next week!

Donloyd Here if you're too sick to make jokes.

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