Friday, December 6, 2013

Ep. 137: 2 Cunty 2 Nuts

We're still recovering from the toughness of Cranksgiving and talk about what we did this week. Parker did nothing, but Frisbie gets berated by a drunken suburbanite for being suburban. Irony ensues. We get some more emails. In the Lightning Round, our home state is named the Cussiest. So, we ponder about why and talk about our favorite cuss words. We also invent something new called "context" and talk about the possible difference between "cock sucker" and "cocksucker." It's also the beginning of the end for waiters and waitresses and Parker celebrates.

Music: "Raisins in my Toast"

Donloyd Here if you're from the suburbs.

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  1. The playwright I was trying to remember who also used suburban as an insult was John James Osborne. The person he was insulting was his daughter.
    "Osborne and Gilliatt had a daughter, Nolan; when she grew up, Osborne rejected her as ‘devotedly suburban’." What a dickhead, this guy.