Friday, November 22, 2013

Ep. 135: Mr. Myxlplyx

It's just us two this week. And Producer Redban, sort of. We start out by talking some shit about Superman and his crummy rogues gallery. We get some emails. Listener Ian cuts another promo on @SawFan666 and makes a surprising baby face turn. Someone auditions to become Frisbie's hype man and some nobody writes in to talk some shit about Shely Colba and rank his favorite pool party hosts. All this beef gets us pumped up for Cranksgiving next week and we invite everyone to email us to tell us what you have a beef with or to talk some shit. Or just tell us if anything tough has happened to you lately. PoolPartyRadio at

In the Lightning Round, someone gets exorcised, clones of the Beatles would suck and mandatory porn goggles. We also talk some shit about steampunk and Redban lets us ignore the time limit.

Donloyd Here if you wanna talk some shit.

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